Moving on up (and Out)

Maverick had been spending his free time in an abandoned factory for a few days now. “We can call it The Can-of-Whupass!” he said. “It will be great!” he said. Well now that he lives there and spends most of his time there cleaning up the place, Maverick finds he is beginning to loathe the factory. Still, it keeps the rain out and he has not been eaten yet, so what does he have to complain about? Maverick decides it is past time he gets a clean shower and a change of clothes. So taking his motorcycle he heads down to his apartment and favorite watering hole – The Matchstick.

The place has not really changed since last he seen it. He did get an unusual look from the door man as he came in. “I must look like drek” he thinks to himself. Dad was at his usual place behind the bar, wiping down an immaculately clean glass with an equally clean towel. “Both are probably brand new” Maverick muses to himself as he nods towards Dad and exchanges a smile. “After I clean up we need to have a chat” Maverick says as he starts heading up towards his apartment. Dad just nods in acknowledgement and continues wiping down the glass as if there were a stain he was unable to buff out.

Maverick opens his door and immediately drops to a crouch weapons at the ready. After a brief scan of the room physically and in the astral he determines with approval that it has been vacant during his absence. He hastily gets undressed and hops in the shower. Out of habit he hangs his pistol belt on the shower door within reach as he bathes. One can never be too careful. He raids the fridge before plopping on the couch in front of a blank wall.

Maverick says “news” and the augmented reality display in his eyes shows his favorite news feeds overlayed on the walls surface. While shoving his face full of NERPS and a Soy-Bomb he watches the news nodding in approval as there is no mention of his team’s antics…yet. Maverick puts on a clean shirt emblazoned with the UCAS flag and an Eagle paired with a mostly intact pair of jeans. He throws on his favorite hat and jacket before heading back downstairs.

Walking up to the bar Maverick sits down at the end and orders a round of whiskey. When Dad comes over to fill the order Maverick leans in, whispering “I am going to be moving out next week.”

Pouring the glass slowly Dad questions, “Why? The noise bothering you or something?”

Maverick responds, “Nah, the heat is getting bad after my last job.” Leaning in closer, “I don’t want you or your place getting burned for being too close.”

Dad shrugs, “You know that doesn’t bother me kid. You need a place to stay my doors are open.” He chuckled, “Well assuming your deadbeat cowboy ass can pay rent that is.”

With a very serious expression Maverick says to Dad, “You know I appreciate everything and I really cannot tell you how much I…”

But dad cuts him off saying simply, “I know kid. I know.”

The two men share a moment of silence before Dad adds, “So are you going to pay for the whiskey or not? Ya deadbeat!” They both erupt into laughter.

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