This story took place during the downtime after “Fireball Comin’ Online.”


Kit: Maverick and Kenji receive 2074’s equivalent to a voicemail:

“Ok.. so I’m better at saying stuff than at writing it, so that’s why you’re getting this. Umm… So, anyway. I just wanted to say thanks, y’know? Um.
*long pause*
I heard what you both did as far as patching me up. That uh, that sort of thing hasn’t happened before. I mean I haven’t needed… patching. *barks a short laugh* There were plenty of chances for damn sure, but it never – yeah, okay, anyway… *takes a breath and lets it out*
*chuckles* Maybe I’m not good at saying stuff either…
My point. Is just to say thanks. I’m really really glad, y’know, grateful and all, that I’m hanging with… *inaudible* Working… with people who will look out for each other. It really means a lot. So. Thanks guys.”

Kenji: *Secure message transfer protocol*

*Origin: Unknown*

*Recipient: KIT*

*Message as follows:

Hey Kit, no problem, I am glad I was there to help. To me that’s what a team is all about watching out for each other. I’m sorry you went through that, it sure looked painfull. I promise I didn’t see anything that I shouldn’t have when I was playing Doctor 🙂 hehe
Anyway, anytime you feel like you are finished with my jacket, just let me know I can come pick it up or what ever. Yes, it is my jacket you ended up with, there wasn’t much left of your clothing and letting you walk around naked didn’t seem like a good idea. Well, I have to get to class.

L8R The Kid

*End of secure message*

Maverick: You can tell by Maverick’s tone he has had more than a few drinks. The time stamp on his voicemail is the night the team was celebrating your survival.

“I…am sorry I let that happen to you. I have been replaying that scene in my head (Literally) over and over again. It was me that led you up on that trailer. It was me that decided to start a firefight with a group that size. I should have seen the mage in the group and geeked him first. I who pride myself on seeing everything missed that. All this magic I am gifted with I should also know how to counter spells. When the flames were coming towards us I should have pushed you away. At the very least I should have dived towards the fireball so you were not in the blast radius when it went off. I failed you and as a result failed the team. I promise you I will do everything in my power to not let that happen to any of you again. I am sorry I failed you. I am sorry you had to experience agony on that scale. The smell of your burnt flesh and the sound of your scream is going to be with me for the rest of my life. I do not intend to ever have either of us relive that circumstance. I am here if you need to talk about this. Sorry I am not good at this emotional drek. Please forgive me.”

Roland: Kit, you dumb cracker. You’re fine, everyone gets the dust knocked off ’em every now and then, some just are…well… extra crispy.

Kit: Kit hits <Send> and whirls to face Roland. “Hey, don’t listen in on my private conversations and I won’t listen in on yours. And call me a ‘cracker’ again, pendejo, and I’ll show you what extra crispy feels like.” She storms away.

Kit: 10 MAR 74: Saturday, early afternoon – the day after the team celebrated Kit’s survival with way too much whiskey

Maverick is awoken by a sharp kick to the ass while he sleeps in his hammock.

“Look here, Cowboy!” Kit’s eyes flash and her hands are fists on her hips. “I know you’re probably hungover as fuck right now, so I’ll keep it simple. You didn’t do anything to me – got it? You didn’t ‘let that happen,’ and you didn’t ‘lead me’ anywhere!”

Kit’s expression turns exaggeratedly helpless. “You ‘should have pushed me away,'” Kit scoffs and scowls again at him. “Who the hell do you think you are, fragging Kid Stealth or something? Like you could outrun a spell because you can see it better?!”

“Look.. I know you feel bad and everything, but because of ‘all this magic you’re gifted with,’ I’m here to kick your ass today. So stop fragging apologizing, stop rewatching what happened – ’cause that’s just messed up – and stop feeling sorry for yourself! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date.” Kit whirls and stomps out of the room.

Maverick: Maverick just lays there motionless until Kit walks away. Gradually he releases his hand from the depressed trigger on his Ares Lightfire70. “That was close” Maverick thinks to himself. Kit almost got herself killed trying to make a point. “Glad I programmed the Smartlink safety to ignore the team. Otherwise…” Maverick looks down at his pistol. “What was she talking about anyway?” Maverick could not remember anything from last night. Just a grey blur. Judging by Kit’s actions he must have said something stupid…or worse something honest.

Maverick rolls in his hammock and places his feet on the floor in a sitting postion, his head in his hands. His head was starting to swim a bit from the motion. The world was abnormally bright and even the smallest sound was like thunder on his eardrums. “Why does my ass hurt?” Maverick mumbles to himself. His mind immediately jumps to Roland and his eyes dart back to his pistol. “Oh wait… that crazy girl kicked me.” Even this mornings events were difficult for Maverick to recall. “Well I need to figure out what she was going on about and make things right. But my first order of business…” Maverick grabs a nearby bucket and proceeds to vomit.

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