4 thoughts on “SR6 Actual Play Episode 001 – A New Team”

  1. I like the Idea of you starting with new a SR6 campaign.
    When I heard about SR6 starting soon I wondered if you guys would transfer the actual play to the 6th Edition.
    But this is even better, since I can listen from the beginning now 😉
    One thing:
    When I heard Ken talk “with a german Accent” I felt reminded of the old Schwarzenegger-movies, it sounded more like an austrian accent then a german one 😉
    Keep up the good work!

  2. No Josh? Is he no longer a part of the party? Or just taking a hiatus?

    Btw, love Kens Arnold – Interpretation.

    Thank you for all the fun I had (and hopefully will continue to have) by listening to you…

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