17 thoughts on “Lone Star Actual Play – Episode 001”

  1. Who repaired the Roadmaster? One moment it’s disabled from being shot through the engine block, the next it’s been “confiscated” and is the new team transport!

    1. Yeah, just one of those things the GM overlooked and didn’t happen to catch until he edited the episode. He was hoping you wouldn’t notice. 😉

      1. Oh, in that case I didn’t see anything, officer. I’ll just be over here, minding my own business.
        (Please don’t evict me from the Arcology. Pretty please.)

  2. Just curious (because I can’t get enough,) but what is your release schedule for these episodes? I can’t find it anywhere…

    1. We’re releasing one episode per month, dropped sometime around the 10th (maybe sooner).

  3. Anyone have any idea how we might be able to “subscribe” to this like we do the regular podcast? Presumably with the password or some such deal. I use the podcast app on my phone and basically look for a number next to my subscription to know when there’s a new episode, download it locally and listen to it on my (largely without internet) ride into work.
    More Arcology Podcast stuff is great (which is why I became a patron) but it’d be nice if I could consume this in the same way I do the regular stuff.

    1. I’m hopeful a listener can help. I know of no way to accomplish this, I’m afraid. Thanks for taking the extra steps to listen!

    2. As far as subscribing goes I don’t think it’s possible without an RSS feed or something of the sort. However I did find a way to get it listed as a podcast in my Itunes library and in my Ipod if your interested.

  4. I know I am a little late to the party but I love the podcasts, I do have a question about Vox’s character, what did you take to reduce your called shot penalties? I know there is sharpshooter, is there some other qualities to use? I am still new to shadowrun so get a bit lost at times

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoy the show. As far as the qualities go, I took Strive for Perfection, which halves penalties, and Sharpshooter, which takes 2 off the penalty. To be fair, we take 2 off the top and then halve what’s left. I hope that helps!

  5. I’ve just done a total deep dive into the arcology listening to the entire run in a bout a month. Man, you guys do great work. All the casts are wicked and you totally deserve my meager support. Keep it up, my ears are hooked (mild addiction).

      1. My pleasure, everyone is great, but Hayes is such an asset, prodigious record keeping.

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