Episode 044 – The Shadowrun Vibe

Shadowrun logo

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss Shadowrun with a very special guest.  We also discuss the Arcology’s one-year anniversary!


Show notes:

Dan’s Con of the Vale – Milwaukee, WI – Oct. 24 – Oct. 26, 2014:



Episode 043 – Combat Medics – Shadowrunner Dossiers #7

Combat Medic

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the combat medic as shadowrunner, including all the skills, spells, gear, and ‘ware you might need to make an effective combat medic.

Episode 041 – Syrinscape and GenCon 2014

syrinscape logoIn which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk GenCon with members of the Catalyst Demo Team and the Arcology Actual Play podcast, and Mr. Johnson talks Syrinscape with its creator, Benjamin Loomes.