Episode 057 – Run Faster: Metavariants

Art by Jim Nelson


In which we cover the Mess of Metahumanity chapter from Run Faster.  Plus: a whole lotta news, some listener questions, and a new Storytime!

Show Notes:
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3 thoughts on “Episode 057 – Run Faster: Metavariants”

  1. Caught the qs after a long day at work, thanks for answering!!!! Saving the metahuman section for another night, now just have to wait and see if an additional tier to the kickstarter will be added for all source books.

  2. Woohoo! Another mention… two in fact :o) Great ep, and I didn’t know of Earthdusk and Earthrise though they sound cool. I agree about the Earthdawn and Shadowrun linkage though!

    1. Imo Earthrun and earthquake as different shadowrun ages sounded awesome, reminded me of Robert Jordans wheel of time ages. @ podcast, whats interesting is that in the kickstarter comments rc mentions corporate shadowfiles as it isn’t available at rpgdrivethru. He also suggesrs the universal brotherhood. I hated the bugs in the shadowrun dms game! I have to admit the old school shadowrun art , like that found in the shadowrun primer floating around is pretty awesome.

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