3 thoughts on “Episode 118 – Dark Terrors”

  1. Funny thing: Monads are actually a thing in computer science:

    From Wikipedia:
    “a monad is a design pattern that defines how functions, actions, inputs, and outputs can be used together to build generic types”

    Which makes complete sense in the CFD plus Host symbiote case. I guess the writers are aware of that. Nice one!

  2. Quick note about insect spirits and Shamans. In the opening fiction for Queen Euphoria we see a Coyote Shaman who is turned to an Ant Shaman.

    This always gave me the feeling that insect spirits are not a totem that meta-humans would pick up naturally but that had to “infect” and turn to their own use/desire.

  3. If you are looking for examples or inspiration, check out _Titans_ by Edward W. Robertson. Particularly useful for monads, but also can be applied to a variety of hives. (Not to give out spoilers, mind.)

    And I already have a couple ideas I can apply to my group’s current run. Starting with Silvercloud, the free spirit….

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