2 thoughts on “Episode 112 – Ritual Spellcasting”

  1. The Curse ritual seems more useful for detectives than any of the necromancy rituals since Curse specifically says, “For the duration of the ritual, a link is present between the target and the ritual group while the spell portion is sustained. It is possible to spot the link and use it to track back to the ritual teams physical location” With that I infer that since it can be traced to the ritual participants it can also be tracked to the target. It does have the spell keyword though so can be dispelled.

    1. Just read about Astral Tracking (Core 315) where it mentions an “astral link” similar to the curse spell leading me now to think the trackng can only be done one way from target to caster.

      Also the wording of the Curse ritual says the link is “for the duration of the ritual” which is step 6 of ritual casting which is before the seal step so the link starts before the force hours of the test meaning if the link can be followed both ways then you can start tracking REALLY early which is both too powerful and probably not rules as intended.

      Not sure if there’s any errata on this…

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