2 thoughts on “Episode 110 – Matrix 301”

  1. My understanding of Sprites is that you can only have one compiled at a time. And that one that’s currently compiled is the only one you are capable of using until that one sprite goes away. When people talk about sprites they seem to believe that you can command an army of them at any given time.

    1. You have can one compiled, un-registered, sprite active at a time.

      According to Core Book, page 256 (depending on your printing) under “Registering a Sprite” towards the end of the section, it lists
      “The sprite is now a registered sprite and no
      longer counts toward your limit of one compiled sprite
      at a time. You can register a number of sprites equal to or
      less than your Logic attribute.”

      So, with a Logic of 6, you can command an army of 6 REGISTERED sprites (+1 un-registered) at any given time.

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