8 thoughts on “Episode 100 – Scandroid”

  1. I love this album. Been listening to scandroid in the background during our games for sure!

  2. …and album sold. I grabbed both Scandroid albums (regular and instrumental) thanks to this interview and they’re going to be GREAT background music for my Anarchy game!

  3. You guys need to add some sort of sorting mode from oldest to newest. Even your dates seem to sort alphabetically rather than by upload time.

    1. Yes, I’m sorry, we have more than one problem with the website. I haven’t had the time to get someone to fix them yet. 🙁
      In the meantime, I would suggest clicking either the “Actual Play” or “Regular Episode” tags in our main page’s tag cloud, then sorting the list by title. It’s how I locate older AP’s when I have the need to listen again.
      I hope this helps! My apologies for the inconvenience.

  4. Dude I also just discovered them last week and ive been playing on repeat! so fucking good

  5. Wow. Regardless of their Shadorun connection, this is an awesome band. Thanks for introducing me Vox and Mr. J!

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