4 thoughts on “Episode 093 – Off the Run”

  1. A quick google search yielded a Seattle area meetup group with currently scheduled games.


    I know there are some Shadowrun Demo Team agents in that area as well, Kai and Ben are two I know personally, I know there are others. I’ll message them on FB and see if I can get them to reply here.

    Thanks for the Shadowrun Portland shout out Mr. Johnson and Vox. As always, a great episode. We are getting ready to launch our own “home brew” campaign in Portland, and I will be trying to use some of these methods to increase the amount of depth and roleplay in the game.

  2. Hey Jared, I was pointed here by Tony (of the Portland area, have to give him those props for being on top of things and having our backs).

    It just so happens that I run a game in Kent at the store Blind Dragon Hobbies every Sunday. Come check it out, or feel free to contact the store for more information. Look them up on Facebook and shoot them a message, they are pretty good about replying quickly to messages.

  3. A suggestion: instead of week after week repeating the same titles of various Shadowrun podcasts around the net, it might be nice to feature one every week. It could be as simple as just a sixty second plug for what they’re doing and why we should be interested.

    It’s great that there’s so much Shadowrun content out there these days, but it’s gotten hard to keep up with it all. I’d love to get a clearer picture on what I might be missing.

    Thanks for the cast!

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