One thought on “Episode 088 – Interview with Thomas Willoughby”

  1. Great interview with Mr. Willoughby.

    I always enjoy listening to and gaining insight from the individuals that created Shadowrun.

    I do disagree with the idea that a flaw cannot be taken unless it comes into play in the initial session. A character with a serious aversion to saltwater would be stupid to become a ship hand. That’s why he’s in the desert. It’s up to the GM to insure that he sees some sea adventure at some point. Just as the street sam may have ended up a chrome street tuff with a data port, because he got severe headaches every time he jacked into the matrix. I don’t think the game is wrecked because some character got ten extra karma from an obscure flaw. I have bigger issues with forcing balance onto things that are obviously different. If a troll has a hand that can hold a basketball as I would a golf ball, he shouldn’t be forced arm himself with tiny little weapons. A 20mm WWII anti-tank rifle would look like a simple hunting rifle in his hands.

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