2 thoughts on “Episode 081 – R.L. King”

  1. well I read the Stone 4pack and it was Awesome !!! I really enjoyed it. Defiantly looking forward to the next installment in March !!!

  2. The Stone series does seem a little derivative of the Dresden Files. And after a while urban fantasy can run together. But then again, I never get enough. So I have to look into it.

    I think a major game producer blind spot is how much their game’s popularity could be increased by great fiction. Not good fiction which pumps nuyen in from established fans. But GREAT fiction – with appeal that reaches people who’ve never played or aren’t even roll players. Dungeons and Dragons (and 90% of all fantasy books that followed) are answers to the questions readers had at the end of Return of the King: “Is that all? Why isn’t there more?” The answer for Middle Earth is, of course, “Yes” and “Tolkien’s passed on” respectively. But in a setting like Shadowrun, the field is wide open. The trick for the game companies is to get serious about quality demand and quality control so the book racks aren’t filled with AD&Dish arboreal felonies.

    I want to see a great Shadowrun movie in my lifetime.

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