Episode 074 – Interview with the Violent Life podcast


In which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk with Damian and Amanda of the Violent Life podcast. Also, a new episode of “Dear Handy,” a new Storytime, and a new Critter Corner!

Show Notes:
Shadowrun Unofficial Fate Conversion by Sune Nodskou:


*Revised link 10/30/2015

Something About Tabletop:


8 thoughts on “Episode 074 – Interview with the Violent Life podcast”

  1. Gah, I couldn’t quite keep myself from laughing out loud at the audio bumper between the interview and the critter corner. Now I’m getting funny looks from people (again) since I listen at work…

  2. Thanks so much for having us on! Wish I could have had my thoughts in order and wasn’t so awkward at the beginning but it turned out pretty good! Was really fun to talk shop with you guys and have some laughs. We truly do have the best community here and a great bunch of people making podcasts. I’m happy to be one of them, now.

  3. Oh. My. God. Again with the Handy comic relief. If I ever said that drek to a stupid Troll I’d be rocking a liquid diet from traction. The smart ones would make that the good outcome.

    I’ve worked with VV. She’s the Real Deal, not some joygirl out slumming for thrills. She’s as solid as they come.

    Out of character: Send in a bumper! Do not be intimidated by all the podcast tech talk this ep. My most sophisticated bumper was an iPad playing muzak off Youtube, an iPhone recording it and my voice, a wineglass and a table spoon. It took me a whole 30 minute to do including do overs. I’d do another but I’ve already done two and there’s a drekload more fans than just me.

    1. So much this (in regards to making bumpers). However, don’t be intimidated by Audacity either. I am not very technically inclined and I found that I could use the program quite well by messing around with it for about 45 minutes. At a basic level you can just hit record and it’ll record your skit for you and allow you to export it as an MP3.

      From there it’s pretty easy to learn how to cut dead space. At a basic level, that’s all ya need. From there I learned a couple other functions and that suits me fine for the scope of my podcast.

      Essentially just have fun with it. Alot of people are afraid to get into audio stuff because they don’t feel they have a voice for it or that they’re not a great speaker. I’m actually a piss poor speaker, I stutter and sometimes it’s difficult for me to get thoughts out. I make a podcast though that I don’t sound bad in all to the magic of some very basic editing and a will to press on and have fun with it. That’s the biggest advise I can offer to anyone who wants to get into recording… don’t be afraid, be open to learning a bit and just have fun!

  4. (Out of Character Again)

    BTW, the Shadowrun Fate conversion seems to just lead to a Google mailbox. Since it’s not my mailbox I just get a prompt to sign into Google mail. I’m definitely curious how such a generic game system would play out. There’s surely problems but probably advantages too.

  5. Oh man! That was SO useful! A long time ago, I heard the story of a voice actor getting locked in a closet in a hotel room while recording. But I didn’t get the hint about recording in a walk in closet until you spelled it out for me! Thank you! And Truncate Silence? Awesome. I appreciate the podcasting hints. Hopefully it will make my podcast sound better. Only time and practice will make the gaming better: RPG Logic, making mistakes and spelling them out so you don’t have to. Thanks again!

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