4 thoughts on “Episode 071 – Seattle Barrens”

  1. Thanks for letting me know that stories wil be coming as they are available. They make the week long wait between episodes a little easier. Listening to your pod cast makes me want to

  2. Loved the review. Vendetta Violent came out of Puyallup. Tough bein’ a kid on those streets. One of her first runs was a hooding run for an All-Come in the barrans where she raided an abandoned military supply for a few hundred turn of the century gas masks.

    On the bad days, the ones where it rains ash… you don’t leave home without one. Lots of street folk, especially in Carbanado and the really ugly places… have developed Black Lung thanks to not being able to afford a proper respirator.

  3. Nice bit of paydata on the less savory districts of Seattle. I was just about to send my players into Tacoma for some dealings with the Ragers and I used the info to paint them a (not so) pretty picture.

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