Episode 067 – Seattle: Cities of Shadowrun Part 1

All right, Seattle. We get it. by Seth Sawyers
All right, Seattle. We get it. by Seth Sawyers

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson begin a series on the Cities of Shadowrun, starting with the most iconic of them all: Seattle.

5 thoughts on “Episode 067 – Seattle: Cities of Shadowrun Part 1”

  1. Page 421 of Core lists weapons and cyberwear as having device ratings. I can see how teamwork tests are skill tests, and being stricter about diagnostics helping with attribute + attribute actions (defense/dodging, memory), but if a device is operated using a skill test (skill + attribute), I would vote that a machine sprite can assist in devices, including weapons and cyberwear, that are used for skill tests (ex. firing a weapon).

    1. Diagnostics can be as touchy a subject as the Analyze Device and Increase Gear Limits spells, but both spells are resisted by the Object Resistance of the device (at least 9 for any gear in the core book, if you believe the fluff with respect to the advanced materials processing involved in manufacturing, or at perhaps 15+ for anything with a wireless bonus).
      I’d argue that any device that has a Matrix condition monitor (and can thus be bricked) can be buffed with Diagnostics. The prices you pay are a Task from the sprite (which doesn’t last long unless the sprite is registered; a compiled sprite begins accumulating overwatch score immediately just by existing) and the sprite not being able to do anything else while sustaining this power.

  2. very interesting.. I didn’t realize the whole area was considered Seattle.

  3. Great idea for a series. I’m looking forward to your presentation of Auburn. (It’s kind of a forgotten district in my mind. Nobody ever goes to Auburn. 🙁 )

    If you’re considering to cover Berlin (since it is the setting of SRR: Dragonfall): I don’t know how many english material is out there to cover Berlin, its history and current state of affairs, but there is an excellent german sourcebook, quite similar to Seattle 2072. If you can read german yourself, you can also find it on DriveThruRPG, otherwise I could compile some information for you.

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