Episode 066 – Shadowkids

Free Daddy and His Little Shadow Girls at The Skate Park Creative Commons by Pink Sherbet Photography

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk with “Good” Ray Rigel and Opti about running and playing Shadowrun with younger players.

Show Notes:
 Echo Chernik – Facebook page with tarot card artwork:


Dice Crimes – new Shadowrun actual play podcast:


 The Awesome Dice Project – (now live!) Kickstarter project for cyberpunk-themed dice:


Deep Shadows MUSH – Needs Python programmers! (Send us an email if you can help.) Check it out through a Telnet client:

deepshadowsmush.com, port 6250

2 thoughts on “Episode 066 – Shadowkids”

  1. Thank you so much for such a informative discussion on kids and role-playing. It can be really hard to appreciate the positive aspects role-playing can have on someone’s life. I started playing Shadowrun during first edition when I was 10. Now I directly credit Shadowrun for introducing me to planning. It also taught me how to war game complex scenarios. Those skills have been invaluable in my life. They also have vastly outweighed the emotional damage of learning what a Bunraku Parlor was. I think…

  2. Another fantastic episode (as ever), on a subject dear to me.

    Some of my earliest childhood recollections are of my father running AD&D for the local youth club. I started joining in from an early age myself and it taught me many invaluable skills. Equally (and possibly more importantly) it also helped my brother live with and (to a degree) get over his dyslexia and hatred of the written word. RPGs can be so helpful to the development of young minds – I’ve already replaced bedtime stories for my five year old with fledgling role play scenarios.

    Give me a few more years and I’ll crack out the dice!

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