Episode 065 – Murderhobos and Romance

Gun and flowerIn which Vox and Mr. Johnson briefly discuss Data Trails and read listener questions and stories.

EDIT: Vox misspoke the name of Harebrained Schemes’ anthology on Tumblr. It should be the Shadowrun Returns Anthology. Find the link below in the show notes.

Show Notes:


Milwaukee Summer Revel (July 10 – 12, Oconomowoc, WI):


Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun Returns Anthology:


Andre Pietroschek’s Shadowrun Fiction:


Schönbuch Forest (location in Glory’s side quest in Shadowrun: Dragonfall):


4 thoughts on “Episode 065 – Murderhobos and Romance”

  1. I suspect Dimestore and I should record some segments for you. We’ve got a few stories that might be worth sharing, as Dimestore is a particularly evil GM, as these things go. And our runner team did find ourselves off the beaten path.

  2. Hello!

    Thank you for answering my question in this episode. I loved your suggestion, and am going to do exactly that. I hadn’t listened very far into your actual plays before I asked that question…but now that I have listened through to gang war… yeah I see your point. You know, where you guys basically blew up a building. Definitely going to give them the opportunity to murderhobo as they like.

    Anyway, great episode!


  3. That explains it when I read the introduction to data trails I got really exited because the kid made it in to the canon

    weirdly in the new book borrowed time there was a character called tiny

  4. Gluh, look at that Luser Mr. Johnson drek up the software decision. I bet he couldn’t tell a piece of cobbled together drek kluge and truly elegant code.

    Alright, because I’m nice, I’ll let younewbs in on the insider info. You gotta know how to code up for one major thing. Software is the skill you need for disarming Data Bombs. Oh, and don’t think you can get away with knowing the bare minimum and expecting your cerebral booster do the job for you, it relies on your intuition. You gotta feel which cyber-wire to cut! You can’t just learn that.


    In all seriousness though, disarming Data Bombs is a Software + Intuition test vs Data Bomb Rating x 2. You also can’t default on this test, making a deadly combination.

    Say you’re a novahot decker and have 5 Intuition (Because your logic is at 8 after ware of course) and you only put in a single rank of software. That means you fling 6 dice, the same as a Rating 3 Data Bomb. Are you feeling lucky enough to disarm such a piddly little bomb without it blowing up in your face?

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