Episode 064 – Information Dump

Information sign

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson present some tips and tactics in answer to a few listener questions.

Show Notes:
Burning Edge podcast:


Blaze Maxwell’s takes on our logo (Looking good! Thanks for sharing!):


RainbowSmite’s Shadowrun fiction:


4 thoughts on “Episode 064 – Information Dump”

  1. And that was the slightly cleaned up version of Vinnies story. I didn’t want to burden you with the depths of my players depravities.

  2. I am slowly catching up your show (which I am loving so far, regular and actual play). I was a little incredulous about your mention of crash damage. It did sound weird, so I looked into it. My interpretation is that the damage isn’t based on your vehicle’s body, but that of the vehicle you hit. It refrenced the rules of the Ramming Action which lead me to think this.

    This seems to make more sense, as I can imagine someone (or something) hit by a Roadmaster taking that 18 damage (adjusted for speed) and likely wrecking it or plowing through. Where as a Dodge Scoot hitting a car is likely just going to jar the passengers for a little stun damage if anything. In the instance of hitting a wall or the like, perhaps use the Structure rating as that seems equivalent to Body.

    Hope my input helps.

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