Episode 050 – Background Stories

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In which Vox and Mr. Johnson answer a few listener questions, then present you with some background stories from the Arcology Actual Play podcast, as read by the authors.

Show Notes:
Check out Geek the Mage’s poll to vote on the next development: http://geekthemage.com/group-participation/

And check out Echo and Lazarus Chernik’s kickstarter for the game Bad Tattoo: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lazarusblack/bad-tattoo-the-drawing-game-of-regret

14 thoughts on “Episode 050 – Background Stories”

  1. Thanks for playing my bumper, it was fun to do and hilarious to hear my voice over my radio on my morning commute.

    Everyone out there send yours in.


  2. Great episode. Maybe my favorite so far. The background stories in the player’s own voices was just a great idea.

  3. Loved the stories. Character background fiction is awsome and, in my opinion, helps the player develope his style for the character. Never would have thought that The Kid was a second generation technomancer. But, it does explain how he figured the matrix out by fifteen years of age. Well, I guess that he’s still learning if you count the close call with a data bomb. Can’t wait to hear Maverick’s story explain a wheelbarrow full of dice for his pistols. Then Mr. Johnson can go on the record saying that not only does he still trust Maverick but also understands how the dice add up. 🙂
    Keep up the great work

  4. I have been slacking. I will try to get my stories read for you guys soon.

  5. Just wanted to with Mr. Johnson and Vox a good thanksgiving weekend and a happy holiday season to come. Really looking forward to more updates.

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