16 thoughts on “Episode 042 – Stolen Souls”

  1. A lot of the pictures of gear are in previous editions’ books which is probably why CGL didn’t include them. But I agree this book, like Run & Gun and Street Grimoire, feels like chunks are missing.

  2. Can you please point out the bit regarding the Fashion spell providing the Custom Fit quality to armour or being able to tailor the armour so Custom Fit is regained etc. The text specifically states you need badges and buttons and the like, so if you can’t even do that there’s no way it should be able to be precise enough to provide Custom Fit. Sure the spell description says it can change fit, but that’d be to stop an ork’s shirt looking baggy on a human. If I’ve missed it, or my pdf is old and doesn’t have it by all means please point me to the right passage.

    1. I think you’ve found the text (2 net hits). It’s just vague enough that we can’t unambiguously tell how it interacts with things like the Custom Fit quality. But I interpret “Adjustments to the fit of the clothing” as close enough to being able to adjust a Custom Fit item. If I can make a troll’s shirt fit a human without being baggy, surely I can tailor it from there to fit a specific human. Granted, since you can’t actually create badges and buttons (only mimic them) you can’t change one piece of armor into an authentic other piece of armor, but you should be able to tailor one piece into the same piece with the spell (with the possible exception of tailoring to fit a larger person, in which case you might need more buttons).

      1. While I’m prepared to agree with you, the huge discrepancy between the ease of one spell (2 hits) versus hours in an Armorer’s facility/shop seems too wide. Now maybe for 5 net hits I’d consider allowing it to qualify for Custom Fit.

  3. Awesome show as always!!! I’ll send in a failed run story, you’ll enjoy this one….. I’ll send a success as well :o) And Mr J, I agree, podcasts are always too short :oP

  4. Hey now! Tiny doesn’t solver *every* problem with explosives. He uses assault cannons, and when a delicate touch is needed, machine guns as well. =)

    1. Tiny and Canis would be fast friends :o) And I’m sure Tiny wouldn’t mind a Force 6 Electricity Aura when wading into melee too :oD

  5. I’d also have to agree with Mr. J – a book without an index is like a road without lines dividing it. How this book was made without one *really* has me scratching my head.

      1. As a professional pedant, I find typos and such more annoying. But an index is definitely up there!!

  6. You read my question on air! *starstruck* Thanks for the reply guys, luckily my player is really into the roleplaying aspect of being an awakened critter and things have been going smoothly so far. Keep up the good work and remember that there’s nothing wrong with long episodes πŸ˜‰

    1. It’s good to hear you have a good roleplayer on your hands! And thanks! πŸ™‚

    1. Sorry – that’s just a vicious rumor. πŸ™‚ No video and no YouTube – at least for the time being.

  7. DMSO is cool in theory, but i had to ban the DMSO squirt gun from my game (admittedly out of fear). I’ve heard War stories of how they totally break the game.

    Aside from that. More ways to con people? I need this book now… right now…
    great episode guys

  8. So… if the book is built in InDesign, which is a pretty good chance, there is actually an option to auto generate some of if not all for the Index. Sure tweaking would need to be done… but…

    I believe there is also away to auto generate content page πŸ™‚

    In other news, as a freelance illustrator I would love to do some art for these books!

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