Episode 041 – Syrinscape and GenCon 2014

syrinscape logoIn which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk GenCon with members of the Catalyst Demo Team and the Arcology Actual Play podcast, and Mr. Johnson talks Syrinscape with its creator, Benjamin Loomes.

8 thoughts on “Episode 041 – Syrinscape and GenCon 2014”

  1. Hey, so I know I mentioned this in my little segment in our GenCon wrap-up, but it came to me that “Fat Vito” is played by a guy named Larry (I may also have found his name on the Shadowruntabletop.com).

    If anyone knows Larry/a.k.a. Fat Vito, let him know I gave him a shout out! I look forward to playing at a table with him every year.

  2. Challenge accepted. Although maybe you shouldn’t have called me out, the poor runners may not like what I write. *evil grin*

    1. I love me a good challenge.

      For clarification, does this contest require 20 different people, or 20 different entries? Seems kind of slow, and if we can post a few times, maybe allowing for 1 or 2 in between our posts, we might be able to get this finished this year..

  3. got a card from Vox at gencon.. played in one of the games she played on Sunday (I was the street sam that stealthed into the gangers hideout and coulda done a dance in front of them while there) where I got a card for the podcast.. Started listening to the podcast from the beginning and am only getting to this episode now. Just thought I’d pop in with comment as I’m getting close to being fully caught up.

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