Episode 036 – Crossfire


In which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk about the Shadowrun collectible card game, Crossfire. Also included: a new and extra-long Critter Corner. You may feel more at ease with a can of Raid nearby.

Show Notes:

Listener SpitDawg created this lovely breakdown of episode 36 by timestamp (Thanks!):

00:00 Intro
  • 2 New Gamers Tavern epsiodes(non-Shadowrun) (http://gamerstavern.org/)
  • 1 new Gamers Tavern episode (Shadowrun Actual Play)
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Main Topic
Critter Corner
46:20 Closing

3 thoughts on “Episode 036 – Crossfire”

  1. Love the information on Crossfire! I was a bit saddened to hear there are only 4 races though. I wonder why they decided against adding Dwarves? Maybe they will be added in an expansion?

    1. Watching Dice Tower’s review, it looks like there are more races available – including dwarves.

      1. Maybe they only were excluded from the demo copy? Not done yet or something? Either way thank you for this review. I am for sure picking this up for my collection.

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