Episode 032 – Combat Maneuvers: Run & Gun #4

Swategway by seantyler
Swategway by seantyler

In which Mr. Johnson and Vox discuss the combat maneuvers introduced in Run & Gun. Also included is a new segment, Extraterritoriality, which covers house rules.

Show note:

Here’s a nifty picture of the weapon mentioned in our listener question today. An exotic weapon, to be sure.

2 thoughts on “Episode 032 – Combat Maneuvers: Run & Gun #4”

  1. Can you include the Extraterritoriality house rules in the Show notes? My memory is horrible and being able to copy them down if I like them would make my life easier. Great addition to the podcast. I know this is old news, but I’m still playing catch up on episodes. Sorry Chummer.

    1. Unfortunately, our memories are also horrible and we are in a near-constant time crunch. We’re usually lucky to get our episode recorded, let alone post notes. All this serves as a caveat to: we’ll certainly try. 🙂 And thank you.

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