Episode 023 – Improving Your Street Samurai: Advanced Shadowrunner Dossier #2

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss how to improve your street samurai. More questions and answers, a new, epic Shadowrunner story, and Mr. Johnson makes no promises.

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  1. I believe the reason why Matrix actions are not included in the Multiple Attack action is because Deckers can essentially get multiple actions by running Agent programs and can place multiple marks in a single attack by taking penalties.

  2. Hey guys, I’ve one correction regarding attribute-maximums. While what you said was technically correct, what you didn’t mention was that you can indeed go higher then the +4 on your racial max, if you use cyberlimbs. Cyberlimbs have their own attributes that are explicitly not bound by the racial max (can’t give you the page nr. since I’ve the german rulebook, should be in the cyberlimb paragraph though) . So provided that you get fitted cyberlimbs and put in the cash for the attribute upgrades, you can go higher then +4 for the racial max. Of course, this is still under the limitations of cyberware (your cyberarms won’t make you run any faster) but you can go higher for indidual bodyparts.



    1. This is a very good point. I’ll have to look up the English version page number so we can clarify that next episode. Thanks for the comment!

  3. This while episode have me laughing so loudly several times that my roommates wondered what was so funny. Glad I contine to be a source of examples, humor and GM frustrations 😀

    -Tiny (The Narcojet Punching Bag)

  4. Yes, sadly there is no Matrix multiple attacks action, Closest thing I found was the Fork Program which allows you to make a single matrix action against two targets.

  5. Hardened armour has always made the wearer immune to injection vector attacks, so Mr Johnson’s suggestion of dealing with someone in full hardened armour with a Narcojet pistol won’t work as the Hardened Armour critter power on p.397 states that unless the DV is higher than the modified armour rating, no defense test is made. So how are you going to get those three hits if no test is made? Plus the armour counts as automatic hits equal to half the armour rating (so 9 hits for light mil-spec armour with helmet).

    If it’s a full body suit like in the rulebook (what has historically been referred to as ‘security armour’ then that tactic works well as it’s not hardened. But when dealing with someone in full mil-spec armour, hope you have something big with lots of AP else you’re gonna flatten ammo against him/her/it – and maybe make it mad :o)

    1. Actually, the Hardened Armor section says that if the modified DV is less than the modified Armor value, you don’t need to make a Damage *Resistance* test.. You still make a defense test when you are attacked.

      We might have to wait and see how Hardened Mil-Spec armor responds to toxin attacks, and how you determine the DV of the dart itself, but when you are hit with an Injection Dart with Narcojet, you don’t make a Damage Resistance test, you make a Toxin Resistance test. This is different in that it is not Body+Armor, but rather Body+Willpower+Rating of any toxin protective gear. So, the main thing to look at is whether darts (with no DV themselves) can penetrate hardened milspec armor, or hardened armor in general.

      1. I can see where you’re coming from. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the rules state that mil-spec armour makes someone immune to injection vector toxins like in the previous editions. I’d certainly house rule it did even if the rules don’t say so, as I have a hard time believing it’s possible for a dart to inject someone through a suit of sealed armour that’s designed to bounce armour piercing machine gun ammo etc…. Of course, if you’ve not engaged the chemical seal I may allow a really tough called shot to get that little bit of skin at the neck….

        1. Yeah, I see where in SR4, Milspec armor didn’t allow 0DV weapons to penetrate. It might stay the same, and you are right, it does make sense. Makes someone Mil-Spec armor damned hard to take down, outside of magic and Panthers

          1. As Belker suggests below, get creative. Use levitate to throw them off a cliff, Acident power is always handy for encouraging that kind of thing too. But normally, you deal with someone in Mil-spec armour with elemental damage (fire, water, acid, electricity) or dedicated anti-armour weapons. Or manabolt/powerbolt :o)

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