10 thoughts on “Episode 021 – Interview with Jan Wagner – Shadowrun Online”

  1. AMAZING !!!!

    Once again you hit it out of the park !

    I had not made up my mind about Shadowrun online for fears of it being not close to the actual table top game. BUt this interview had got me very excited to check out the game.

    When is the “Part 2” coming out ?? 🙂

  2. I have been looking for a concrete update on Shadowrun Online for a long while now. Thanks for providing for the community!

  3. Thanks!

    We were ecstatic when Jan agreed to give the interview, and I too was very much interested in getting some more detailed info about the game.

    As for a “Part 2”, there are no exact plans in the works, though Jan let me know he would be interested in joining us again in the future.

    I’ll probably set up another interview shortly after the initial launch of the game later this month.

    We’ll put out a call for listeners to submit questions ahead of time for the next interview.

    -Mr. Johnson

  4. I would love to hear a 2nd installment!

    On a completely unrelated note, my condolences for the Mystic Adept that abuses the rules (not in a bad way.) in your game. I am sure he is an amazing player that is charming and certainly good looking to make up for it though. ;P

    1. Yeah, it’s okay. We intelligent, well-bred, and sexy folk gotta stick together, so we let it slide. ;P

  5. Yes! Other than having to wait, and be patient… this is a game i am really, REALLY, looking forward to.

  6. …this talking is very nice to here.
    No need for public relations kind of views – Jan is fortunately more deeply into the process of game creation. Thanks for the insights he shared! Now I can understand most of his reasons to build the game this and that way.
    (Whereas I’m not quite willing to completely give up my hopes for a tool, that would support GMs to graphically define and tactically manage for example combat scenes with the characters of their players…)

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