3 thoughts on “Episode 012 – Game Mastering Shadowrun Part 1”

  1. Great Job again, Chummers! Great for encouraging people to “get behind the screen” so to speak.

    A request though. These contacts and now critters that you are creating for use could you please post their descriptions and stats (if applicable) in the show notes? They’re really creative and while I love the podcast I would be nice to not have to furiously take notes, heh. Thank you!

    Also, any more word on an actual play podcast?

  2. I found this incredibly positive and _almost_ has me past my GM paralysis flaw. I’ve always been drawn to this genera and have these rich back stories for my own characters but felt it wouldn’t translate well in leading a session. I think my past impressions were GM’s just had this demigod understanding of the rules, world, etc.

    I think it would be amazing for you guys to do some kind of GM workshop at the next Con sometime.

    Great episode as always, and this really is kicking my but to take the plunge.

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