Episode 009: Riggers – Shadowrunner Dossier #4

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the role of the rigger. A new critter corner segment covers barghests: how to survive an encounter with them, or how to best inflict them upon your unsuspecting players! Also, a correction on spirits, who are in fact difficult to take down with normal weapons after all.

Here is the link to the Shadowrun 5th Edition hot patch errata document, with pricing and availability for autosofts:


8 thoughts on “Episode 009: Riggers – Shadowrunner Dossier #4”

  1. Another great cast. I had never thought about playing a rigger, but you two make it sound really fun and interesting.

    1. Whoops, looks like I missed that in the editing! I meant to edit that chunk out there, but I must have forgotten that part was there. Kindly disregard the few seconds of “off-camera” talk.

      -Mr. Johnson

      P.S. At least we didn’t say anything embarrassing!

  2. Nice write-up. This is a nice, simple tutorial for setting up a build.

    Speaking of character builds, I think it would be great to have an episode detailing your characters. What are their skill/attribute scores and why did you choose them, what signature gear/augmentations/spells do they use and why, what are their backgrounds, how did they become shadowrunners, etc.

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