Episode 006 – The Street Samurai: Shadowrunner Dossier #1

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson delve into the character archetype of the Street Samurai, including what Street Sams do, how to create them, and some roleplaying tips. Also included: a new Critter Corner segment and another listener submitted story.

Show notes:

  • The CritCon website
  • Convention schedule
  • From the website, here is the event description:
  • “CritCon is the first annual gaming convention hosted by the CriticalGlitch podcast. It is a day of gaming to help your fellow man, as admission is only a donation to the Mid Ohio Food Bank. The convention opens at 9:00 AM and goes until 7:00 PM. Come out and play some games and help those in need. The mid Ohio Food Bank is always in need of supplies here is a list of their most commonly needed items. http://www.midohiofoodbank.org/pdfs/FoodDrive/MOF-Grocery-list-2013.pdf For each non perishable item brought for the Mid Ohio Food Bank, including the five requested for admission you will be given a ticket. Tickets can be redeemed during any Shadowrun game at CritCon to add 1 additional die to any roll. There is no limit on the number of tickets that can be redeemed during the event.”

9 thoughts on “Episode 006 – The Street Samurai: Shadowrunner Dossier #1”

  1. I’d like to see the stats for your Combat Rigger. Rigging seems to be highly costly in skill points and Essence, so making a viable combat who can still Rig well is intriguing to me.

    1. If you are referring to my current character Shade, he is a decker/street sam/rigger mix. He hasn’t really done a lot of rigging in the game, as I couldn’t afford for him to start with much for vehicles or even a remote control console. For augmentations he’s got wired reflexes 1, a reaction enhancer 1, a level one control rig, some really nice cybereyes with just about everything I could fit, cyberears, a cyberarm (with a gyromount and a large smuggling compartment for his deck), and a datajack. Nearly all of the cyberware is alpha grade, so he still has 2 Essence left.

      I took the skills Pilot Ground Vehicles at 5 with a specialization in Bikes, Gunnery at 5, and four other Pilot skills at 1. His only real non-rigging combat skill is Automatics 6 with a specialization in SMG’s.

      For attributes: B 3, A 3(4 for right arm), R 4(6), S 1, W 5, L 5, I 4, C 3

      He took almost the max starting number of negative qualities and spent all of the starting karma on attributes and skills.

      He’s definitely not a min-maxed character. What he does best is deck, and he is very deadly with a SMG.

      He has acquired a RCC since the game started, and will be picking up drones as he can, but as a rigger he is primarily a biker.

      These aren’t all the stats, but most of the ones that count for this description. My advice to anyone who wants to cover multiple roles is to specialize within those roles. In this case I sacrificed the ability to start out with the most powerful cyberdeck in order to be able to be effective in combat and rig.
      My initial idea for having a decker with a control rig was to have a decker capable of stealing control over other drones. You can’t properly with out a control rig and an RCC.

      Vox had a character in an earlier campaign who was a badass Ork street samurai/rigger. She was primarily a street sam, but was very effective at rigging when necessary. She didn’t do much with drones, and as a rigger was primarily a biker, though she did pilot some larger vehicles when transport was required.

  2. “…Now on the surface, it probably seems like I should quit
    Cause I spend every day getting punched in the d$&#.

    But at night
    I travel down into the subway,
    Wearing chainmail, locked and loaded for gunplay,

    And battle the gigantic fire-breathing mutant rats!
    If I f÷£!ing quit, who the f$€# would do that?!

    I’ll give you a hint:
    The answer is no one.
    That’s why I’m in the sewer dressed up like a shogun.
    Because on the equinox, a Hell Gate springs,
    Releasing hounds wreathed in the blood of kings.

    And no one even knows!
    They just think I’m a dork.
    But I still kill those f@&!ing dogs, because

    -Lonely Island, “I Run NY”

    Makes me think of shadowrun and devil rats, every time I hear it.

    1. Nice 🙂
      Where else would you find someone in the sewer dressed up like a shogun?

  3. i’m very new to shadowrun and your episodes and now archetype coverage have been/will be immensely helpful to me, thank you! these are exactly the things i have been looking for in a SR podcast

  4. Thanks for the kind words! No idea where we got the idea about the livestreaming? I’m gonna blame Jason Hardy since he tipped us off to the show in the first place.
    For your Devil Rat comments, don’t forget that all those rats can use the Assist action in combat, so each of those rats can add dice, and raise the limit of the one rat making the attack! So even if it’s just a 1/1 bonus, a pack of thirty can make a single attack with something like 29 extra dice, and a +29 limit!
    Great work guys! Keep ’em coming!

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