Episode 005 – Payday: Anatomy of a Shadowrun Part 4

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson provide useful advice for surviving the completion of a run, including what to do when your employer decides to geek you. Also included: a new Shadowrun Returns module review, another listener submitted story, and a brand new segment.

6 thoughts on “Episode 005 – Payday: Anatomy of a Shadowrun Part 4”

  1. Would love to here you give advice about some of the non-traditional campaigns. I’d be especially interested if you’ve had any experience with the following:
    * merc/warzone
    * smuggler/pirate
    * DocWagon Response Team
    * Critter/Paranormal Hunter

    1. We definitely have some plans to cover things more from a GM perspective in future shows. I like the idea of dissecting runs/campaigns by theme and you’ve got some great ideas here. I don’t have any experience playing them (not sure about Mr. J), but that won’t stop us from delving into them!

  2. Great podcast.

    FYI, your comments made me remember this story – The Sixth World Almanac (pg 94-95) tells a story about a soccer team from Asamando in 2068 that was killed by an angry mob. In the runner comments afterward, they note that all the players were “second and third generation ghouls, and not contagious.” Pretty interesting implications.

  3. Ghouls have been able to get cyber from their introduction; there have been rules for it since the SR3 Companion. Just FYI. I’d be pleased to revisit this portion of the discussion in a future episode.

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