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REVISED! Patreon News: December 2017

By now, you may have heard that Patreon will change how they process payments. Starting December 18th, all pledges will be increased by 2.9%, plus $0.35. You should have received an email from Patreon explaining the change and their reasoning.

We understand that Patreon is making this change in an attempt to fix a problem, but we’re afraid they’ve replaced one problem with another.

There’s enough push-back from creators and patrons that we aren’t certain Patreon will carry out the planned changes. However, we are prepared to lower reward levels to keep your pledge amount consistent. This will result in our losing some income, but we think it’s worth it to keep your costs as predictable as possible.

So, we’ll wait and hope for Patreon to change their minds, but if they haven’t by December 15, we will adjust our pledge levels.

More to come on this as things develop.

EDIT: Because of the outcry, Patreon changed their mind and did not roll out the new fee structure.

Onward! And, of course, thank you for your patronage and for listening.

No show this week

We’re sorry to say we won’t be dropping a regular episode this weekend due to illness. Don’t worry – the mages are coming by tomorrow to start the Circle of Healing ritual. We expect to be back at it very soon.

This week

No show this week. We’ve been busy with Mr. Johnson’s birthday and his wrapping up his master’s degree work. Aaand we’ve been busy playing Shadowrun. 🙂

Don’t fret, though. We’ll be back next week with the first in a series on improving your archetype! Stay tuned, chummers!

Got Questions?

This week we’re doing a sort of “housekeeping” show in which we answer questions and address requests that we’ve let pile up. Got any questions you’d like us to add to the pile? Post them here or on Facebook! We’ll do our best to get them all answered!

Netjitsu Gone Wrong

In the event that you have found no Arcology Podcast activity since Episode 8, please head on over to iTunes, search for “Arcology Podcast,” and find the second show out there that will have all of our episodes.

In the process of trying to find out why no one could see our Bonus Episode 1, we talked with our web host. Our service representative did the netjitsu that they do and got us all fixed up… or so we thought. Now we’ve found that there is a “second” Arcology Podcast available for subscription in iTunes. One listing has only episodes 1 – 8, the other has all of our episodes, including the two bonus episodes we’ve so far completed.

So… if you have found that you only have episodes 1 – 8, we’re humbly asking you to go out to iTunes, search for us again, and subscribe to the complete listing. We hate to inconvenience anyone, but we also have extremely limited time with which to investigate this further (and no funds with which to hire someone who knows what we want and what they are doing!). Rather than mess with what appears to be a perfectly good feed, we’ve chosen to handle it this way.

Thanks, Chummers. 🙂

Force 5 Virus Spirit

Just a quick announcement: due to Mr. Johnson having lost his voice, we will be breaking with our normal schedule this week. Our next episode, covering spellcasters, will be posted at the end of next week. Our apologies for our lack of consistency.


As we work on the first show, I’d like to take a moment to send out some thanks.  First thanks go to Catalyst Game Labs, without whom we’d have no subject matter for our inspiration.  Second, I’d like to thank my husband (Mr. Johnson), who came up with the idea to do this.  Thanks, babe.  And third, we would both like to thank Opti over at the Neo-Anarchist Podcast.  We both love the show.

‘Til later.