2 thoughts on “Anarchology Episode 007 – Runner Dossiers – Riggers”

  1. Hello,

    I enjoy listening to your show and like that you are putting out more episodes for Anarchy. It is a good addition to Shadowrun for those of us that want easier rules, but it could use some support. After reading through the rules carefully, I found many vague areas and inconsistencies. I designed my own GM screen and modified most of the pre-gen characters to correct the errors.

    I agree that the rules as written for vehicles are too weak. In my first Anarchy game, a runner was trying to escape from some gangers with Mr. Johnson in his compact car. One glancing hit from a heavy pistol wiped out the car’s armor and totaled it. The runner could have survived more than 3 hits like that. After that, I changed the rules in my game to give vehicles a physical condition monitor equal to 8+(durability/2). This seemed to fit in more with traditional SR.

    You also discussed the starting weapons for drones. I interpret the rules as combat drones start with a melee attack (like Fusion pg 97 or the weapons list pg 206). If players want to upgrade the weapons, they can either spend a Shadow Amp point (pg 204) or mount one of their personal weapons on it (like Hardpoint pg 79). For characters with weapons on their vehicles, I would only let them fire one weapon each attack unless they spend Shadow Amp points for extra attacks.

    For one of the Anarchy games I ran during Midwinter gaming convention in Milwaukee, WI last January, someone was playing Fusion. He described her souped up bike as having a sidecar for her doberman drone and the doberman’s melee weapon as a set of steel jaws. It was fun to see players coming up with narratives on the fly.

    I look forward to the next Anarchology podcast. I’m also listening to your 5th edition podcasts for ideas I can mine for Anarchy.


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