6 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 144 – Wisconsin State Bird”

  1. Thank you Mr Johnson! This is exactly what I was hoping you would toss at the runners.

  2. Amazing. You guys are really nailing these recent episodes. Every one of them has been an enjoyable listen.

  3. I just want to say that I am really disappointed that in the argument with the guide Maverick didn’t make a negotiation roll and default to pistols. And by that, I mean literally roll his pistols skill -1 die as a negotiate test. That would have been the most perfect thing.

  4. I just have to say I feel like you guys get it kinda like how I get it. You actually see the world in a sense and its so enjoyable to listen I just wish I could put together a game that has this feel again.

  5. In the last couple of weeks after hearing the last few podcasts, I’d started mentally planning my next vacation to Polk County. It sounded great. Even did some looking things up online in preparation for it. But then the 43 minute mark rolls around… frag that, omae; I’m staying home.

    Seriously, ask for a kickback from the Polk County tourist board and chamber of commerce. You’ve all earned it.

  6. As a delivery driver in north central Wisconsin, I can say that a fair variety of craft beers are already available in most establishments around here. Maybe not 43 varieties in a local bar level, but at least 10 in all bars.

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