14 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 111 – Glow Job”

  1. Yes, I have the same issue. Thought it was a mangled download but if you have the same problem, I guess it’s a problem with the source.

    Cutoff is at 1:16:32 for me

  2. It cut out in the same area for me and came back at the 1:59:01 mark. The silence took a chunk of the recording too.

  3. Hey, sorry about the chunk of silence, all. We’ll get a corrected copy up soon.

  4. I’ve mentioned this before but I’d like try again. Please cut down on the drug use. I don’t particularly like to listen to how Kit spirals down to Overdose death. She might like playing a character with like 12 disadvantages but its starting to get painful to listen to. I’d suggest that the other characters give her an intervention but no one seems to care that she uses.

    1. Here’s your trigger warning chummer. ‘Runners ain’t role models and the 6th World ain’t candyland or Middle Earth. Kit’s an adult and a pro. She does what she has to do to support the team. If it gets outta hand her teammates will do what they have to do.

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