10 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 094 – Antarctica”

  1. This still seems survivable. Go to Aztlan. Go directly to Aztlan. Do not stop in Seattle, do not collect your stuff. Call your Johnson and tell him you will give him the statue in Aztlan and hand it off in a manner that makes clear that the Azzies now have it. Your terrifying astral follower will either see the handoff or be prevented from doing so by the Azzies. Either way, your terrifying astral follower knows the Azzies have the statue and the bounty’s gone. Then tell Moreau you’ll get the statue back for a reasonable fee, no hard feelings. Because you were smart and stealth tagged it before the handoff.

  2. Yeah but that all depends on how much the dragon doesn’t want the Azzies to have it. Is it powerful enough to risk destroying it to keep it out of their hands?

  3. So, working in air travel industry, I have a few minor issues with the deicing processes. But, that is a fairly obscure knowledge set for most people, so I’ll let it slide. Otherwise, great episode.

      1. LOL. I suddenly saw Hermione Granger…”it’s Hand-WA-vee-um not Hand-wa-VEE-um!”
        Total genre crossover!

  4. Casting a spell on ANY object requires an object resistance test. A vehicle like this would be 15+ Object Resistance.

    If this wasn’t the case then the Analyze Device spell would make any mage able to shoot a gun with just as much dice as the street Sam.

  5. I don’t know if Mr Johnson was just being mean. Antarctica got colder in the 6th world or things got messed up in conversion but average antarctic winter temperatures are a balmy -50 C or thereabouts. The temperatures in this session would be record lows for most parts of the continent.

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