5 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 086 – Closing Time”

  1. “You don’t have to go home / but you can’t stay here.”

    Man, just when the team’s rep had a chance to improve, too…

  2. Where do they go from here? Could be a campaign ender in a normal game.

    1. @Tippnick – I mean, the team has a lot of resources available even if Seattle’s an awful place for them right now. Might not be unreasonable to pack up and head elsewhere, where they don’t have this much of a scorched rep, and try to rebuild there (like was suggested around the time of the blood mage debacle IIRC). Gotta find a safe spot to park the T-bird though.

  3. I was fine until the “ear to scoop his brains back into his head”…bleah…made my stomach flip over! Great roleplaying in this ep.

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