9 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 066 – Regroup”

  1. I love this podcast! I actually haven’t listened to this episode yet I’m downloading it as I listen to Ep. 63 🙂

    Its the eve of me GMing my first Shadowrun campaign, I’ve been listening to your Actual Play almost non-stop for a week. Between all the brilliant ideas and the rules tips, its gotten me unbelievably stoked to run a game.

    I have a few questions:
    1) I have an aspiring Face-Rigger! I was wondering if there was a way I could peek at Swarm’s build or if he’s paper?

    2) We’ve traditionally been a light RP heavy mechanics kind of group. Tips for encouraging roleplay in both the DM and players? Listening to you guys roleplay even mundane stuff like relationships, and even make it interesting, is stunning. Even your power gamer has pretty good roleplay. I swoon.

    Honestly every one of your players deserves recognition because they’re fragging amazing.

    3) I’d love an episode one day on Mr.Johnson’s GMing style. I know he’s mentioned he impromptus a lot, but I’d love to listen to what he does for prep or how he became comfortable running impromptu sessions. Even an impromptu actor has internal rules they tend to follow that make being spontaneous easy. I fear the answer is just “time and experience”, but I can dream 🙂

    1. Thanks! Best of luck with your game! And thanks for the questions (I’m pretty sure Swarm is paper, but I’ll ask him when we talk on Sunday) – we’ll address them on the show soon. I’ll also pass along your kind words to the group. 🙂

  2. Oops. I’m guessing the blood mage can see what Kit sees in the astral too.

    Also, while interrogation 101 isn’t actually a skillsoft available to Shadowrunners, I prefer the old standbys like Good cop/Bad Cop.

    Yes, you can beat the drek out of some guys and get good intel. But unlike the military, it only takes one hard case to feed you a bad lie and your hoop may be on the line if it plays out badly.

    The sad thing is, with the prisoner unconscious and blind to start, they could have played any number of head games to coax info with minimal preparation. Imagine if he woke up to “Wakey, Wakey drek bag!. I’m officer Bob of Lone Star investigations. I’m glad you’re out of your coma. It seems you were found at the scene of a firefight involving a blood mage terrorist. It appears your friends wiped out a team of Shadowrunners but left you for dead. Guess they know what you were worth. We really want that mage and despite my reservations, Prosecuter Jane here is willing to offer you immunity if you tell us all you know about him.” Prosecutor Jane: “Officer Bob should remember there was nothing to incriminate you at the scene, dear. Yes, the state will offer immunity if you help us locate and prosecute the mage. And there might even be a cash reward. We may even get you new eyes.” That fragger would sing like Maria Mercurial.

    But I guess losing the safe house made them more eager to vent.

  3. I agree the group could have been clever, but dang did it create tension between Kenji and Swarm. That was great.

    My own first game went amazingly. I might even record it when we work out some of the rules kinks. I got my players listening to some of your podcasts (dossiers and anatomy of a shadowrun). Your cast has really been instrumental in getting our game off the ground. Thank you

  4. This is old at this point but i could see this being the seed for PvP eventually. Swarm goes too far at one point and Kenji cant handle it. Obviously I don’t know what has happened yet, but I could see that happening out swarms over zealous methods aren’t curbed.

  5. I’m surprised kenji just didn’t take over the steel lynx and blow swarm away with the guass, he went way too far. It would be a pretty one sided combat if kenji decided to actually intervene.

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