11 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 025 – The Plan Comes Together”

    1. I’m guessing (and this is a wild stab in the dark) that Maverick has taken the improved ability power for pistols. There is a massive difference of opinion on the intended effect of this power, and as written states “The maximum
      improvement possible is your current skill level x 1.5
      (rounded up).” A strict read of this says you can have a skill of 6, and improve it by 9 points to a total of 15. My feeling is that the intention was that you could increase your current skill to your current level x 1.5, meaning a skill of 6 could be improved by 3 to a total of 9.
      This difference of 6 dice on a starting character allows a dice pool of 33 if you assume the following:
      Elf with Exceptional Attribute (Agility) [8]; Pistols skill with Specialisation [6+2]; Adept Power Improved Ability (pistols) 15; Smartgun with Implanted Smartlink [2].
      Personally, I would rule the lower maximum was intended, giving a still respectable pool of 27 dice.
      Don’t know how close I am, as said this is purely a guess on my part.

      1. Or, and I just thought of this, Maverick has mentioned he fires 2 pistols each with smartgun, and another possibility is:
        Elf with Exceptional Attribute (Agility) [8]; Adept Power Attribute Boost (Agility) maxed [4]; Pistols skill with Specialisation [6+2]; Adept Power Improved Ability (pistols) 9; 2 x Pistols each with Smartgun with Implanted Smartlink [4].
        Also 33 dice before splitting, although I feel you should split the pool before adding the individual Smartgun bonus to each hand, but this does give you a dice pool of 31 dice with a single smartgun pistol!

        1. I think I recall explaining the dice pool in the power-gaming episode. However to ease the minds of the listeners I will post the math here. This is current as of right now 1/22/2015. I believe when I was at 33 dice I had 2 less edge.

          Skill -6
          Reflex Recorder -1
          Imp. ability (pistols) -4
          Specialization -2
          Agility – 8 (yes with exceptional attribute quality)
          Attribute boost Agility – 4
          Edge -6
          Smart link -2
          Off-hand Smart link -2
          Total -35

          Note: The rules specify that you add up all modifiers before you split your dice. So the two separate smart link modifiers would be added together before splitting up dice. This is rules as written but may seem counter intuitive if you over think it. Fortunately the math is the same if you add the 2 dice to each roll before the split or after the split so really the matter is moot.

  1. I must be missing something. Agility 8 pistols 6 spec 2 adept power 9 smartlink 2 =27. And that assumes cybereyes for the smartlink, which costs you essence, and you don’t have enough adept power points left for even a single dice to add to initiative. Not clear where the last 5 dice are coming from.

    1. They’re coming from the magic dice pixies. Or, and this seems more likely, I can’t add up when I’ve had no sleep for 48 hours.

  2. So, I decided that I should put my insomnia to good use and had a trawl around the matrix. Found this snippet on the forums at shadowrun.com posted by Maverick87:

    “My character as an example has. Agility 12, Skill 6, Specialization 2, +4 Smartlink, Improved Ability 4, Reflex Recorder 1, Edge 5 for 34 dice before I split. 35 if I take a simple action to “Take aim”.”

    Personally I have a problem with the Improved Ability at level 4 (my understanding is that this is based on the skill, not the specialisation, and should be level 3), and as said above feel that Smartlink should be added after splitting pools, not before, since you can only attack any particular target once per attack.

    However you look at it though, Maverick is a scary dude when it comes to pistols!

    1. @Sterling the Improved ability power can be selected at a max rating of 1/2 the rating of the skill rounded up. I have a rating of 7 which halved and rounded up is 4. The reflex recorder bioware raises the rating of the skill by 1.

      Also good catch! Maverick87 is in fact me. I often use message boards to help hammer out concepts before I finalize them.

    1. I’ll have to double check which map we were using at the time. Once I find it, I’ll post a link.

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