3 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 023 – Half-Ork”

  1. The end of this episode was awesome!

    Btw. I noticed some audio-weirdness, at several points it seems the volume went down.

  2. Enjoyed the action in this episode, but the rules lawyer side of me had a couple of issues, e.g. Data Bombs go off when you attempt to copy the file, not just when you read them; vehicles with a rigger jacked in add the rigger’s Control Rig rating to their sensor, speed, and handling, so if both teams were in GMC Bulldogs the enemy one should have been able to pull away from our heroes.

    That said, the episode flowed well and from a cinematic point of view the action of the chase was well represented. Any criticism is (hopefully) constructive and is simply because I am getting really involved with the story and as a listener I cannot ask for any more.

    As for the day change? Well if we are now getting the actual play on a Thursday night its another reason to look forward to Fridays!

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