10 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 019 – A New Face”

      1. Oh jeez haha itd be like a five? I work a ten hour shift and listen at work so im always blowing through my edge

  1. ***no spoilers…I was like holy drek! It was like having a favorite actor walk on to my favorite show…. This is getting interesting chummer….

  2. I was re-listening to some prior episodes and was wondering when this was going to pop up. As always, I’m loving every pulse-pounding minute of these adventures!

  3. In the end of this episode, I actually teared up a little. Great storytelling and great characters, kudos to all of you. 🙂 Normally, I don’t listen to actual play podcasts, but yours got me hooked up.- Only one minor quibble; it was kinda irritating in the last episodes, concerning technomancer limits (living persona and the like). I think by now you probably should have figured it out, but Kenjis / Waijus / Skippy Rockriders / The Kid’s attributes work as matrix limits. He couldn’t have bricked the one decker of the other team (at least not that roll). And I don’t want to know how high his OS would have been this combat. – I think you once said in a podcast, Mr. Johnson, that you don’t know how to get a handle on Kenji, since he bricks his path through all his opponents, otherwise I wouldn’t mention it. 🙂 – Also, get well soon!

    1. Usually I also pop in with a few of the very big mistakes, but I am forgiving these. Considering how long ago they started playing, these episodes are probably from not too long after SR5 came out. Hopefully the little quirks have been worked out as the games went on.

      1. I think most of them have been worked out, but I wouldn’t worry too much about the mistakes – I think you’ll always find someone committing at least one!

        1. I don’t really mind, but I just remembered the statement … and seemed to forget that the podcast, I’m refering to, was submitted nearly a year ago, perhaps in the decker dossier. 🙂 Wish I could remember other things as well.

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