7 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 011 – Roast at the Rhino”

  1. Almost caught up now! I skipped some of your normal episodes because the Actual Play was so intriguing. You can really tell that the players are into it and they certainly have a knack for one-liners!

    I was starting to think I’d missed something after Killwire and Tiny suddenly vanished, nice to have them back. Bring on the next part! 😀

    A question, though: players seem to succeed a lot in whatever task they’re attempting, is that normal? Even with 3-4 hits they usually seem to succeed, so when they throw 10+ dice (which it sounded like The Kit had in the Matrix) is there a realistic risk of glitching or even failing?

    Also, and this is just me being curious, who are the various players, have you all played Shadowrun before and how do you all know each other?

    1. I’ll have to get Mr. J on here to address the task difficulties. I’m not sure what he’s had in mind when setting them.
      As far as who the players are and how much Shadowrun knowledge the others have, I’d have to ask them to address those points individually. I’m not going to blow their covers. 😉 I played some 3e a number of years ago and am (as you can probably tell) VERY new to 5e. I make plenty of mistakes and chalk it up to my character’s (Kit) being a newbie ‘Runner. 😀
      Haze and I went to high school together, Mr. J and Haze have been friends since college, and I’m pretty sure everyone else (Fraguire, Maverick, Kenji, and Tiny) all contacted Mr. J through the Shadowrun forum and none of us knew one another before the game started.

    2. I was contacted through the Shadowrun Universe forums. On there I am Maverick87. I have been playing since 2nd edition but mostly have played 3rd edition. I skipped 4th edition and this is my first 5th edition game. I have a lot of experience with other systems but am particularly fond of Pathfinder and Rifts. I also like long walks along the beach and romantic walks to the conveniance store. I am a Gemini, my favorite color is red, and I doubt anyone has read to this point. If I am wrong well kudos to you random internet person. 😛

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