7 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 008 – Showdown at the Pawn Shop”

  1. As an FYI, SR3 and SR4 had a lot of sub-text and, in some cases, explicit Shadowtalk, saying you don’t ‘go looking for extra paydata’ cos it’s unprofessional. The way it was explained in previous editions’ matrix books was it pisses Johnsons off because you’re being paid for plausible deniability and you’re compromising that for a few extra nuyen. Just a thought – maybe Mr J will have MCT and the Johnson come looking for Kenji and co :o)

  2. Hoi Canis… thanks for the heads up chummer! I never played SR3 and only played SR4 a couple times. The extra pay data idea came from Shadowrun Returns 🙂 It was in there so I figured, heck.. why not? 🙂

    I had no idea it was “unprofessional” I think I wont be doing that again.


    1. You would be 100% correct sir. However the reflex recorder I have raises my rating by 1 to a total of 7. The improved ability power states you can have up to half your rating and you always round up.

      1. The only issue would be that you’d need to have Adept Power points to spend after getting the reflex recorder installed. Without some seriously explaining, imo, this requires initiation.

        1. I see what you are saying and I have to admit I am very frustrated. I have shown this build to countless people, I even posted it on a forum before finalizing it. None of us picked up this error before now. It appears I selected Cyberwear and calculated essence and remaining power points before selecting my Adept powers. By the book that was out of order and in error. I will be correcting this immediately and will be prioritizing initiation in order to get back to my current total. Even though I lost a dice out of the deal I thank you for pointing this out to me. I feel like such a rookie now.

          1. Great Podcast, regular episodes as well as the actual play! I love it 😀

            But here I am confused: Why shouldn’t it be possible to spend Power Points after getting cyberware – provided that you used only five Power Points.
            The only reason I could come up with is that Power Points are – in the priority creation – spent during step three while gear is purchased in step five.
            That however does not apply for mystic adepts. They purchase Power Points in step 7 through karma, so even if the creation sequence was mandatory, for mystic adepts I see no problem.

            Then again, I doubt that it is mandatory at all. That would treat adepts and mystic adepts substantially different without any cause. Not only that, it would even treat adepts different. A C-priority adept can raise magic through karma in step seven and spend points after purchasing cyberware and a B-priority adept can not?

            Or I am totally overlooking something? 😀

            Another issue: In this episode, Maverick calculates his dice pool and mentions AGI 12, which would be absolute maximum for an elf and only possible with the positive quality extraordinary attribute (I only have german rule books, so I am not sure if the translation is correct – sometimes they don’t translate literally – but I guess you know what I mean. So it would be max 7 + 1 from the quality + 4 through attribute boost). In the next episode, Maverick says that Maverick’s (haha 😉 ) body is maxed. Does the quality override the rule that says only one attribute may be maxed at creation?

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