14 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 007 – Startled and Surprised”

  1. See. I was so excited i forgot how to spell. Looking forward to next tuesday.

    Will we be seeing (hearing) shows on Street Grimoire soon?

  2. 2 questions. How does one mount gas vents and a silencer n the same weapon? Isn’t there a cap of 1 barrel mounted mod?

    Also how do you get a dice pool of 30 dice?

    1. I’ll leave the mod question for Mr J (I’ll sic him on the question tomorrow). As for the 30 dice, we’ll be talking along those lines for next week’s episode. Stay tuned!

      1. That is actually a very good catch. This is a case of player error. I thought the special silencer of the Ares Lightfire 70 was built into the gun but it is actually a barrel mounted accessory. So the Gas vents will have to be removed. Sorry!

    2. This is, once again, and oversight in the games writers. Previous editions have specified that, like real life, you can have an accessory on the end of a weapon and also modify the barrel itself. Unfortunately this isn’t mentioned in SR5 rulebook or Run & Gun as yet. But if the two were mutually exclusive, then the Smartgun X couldn’t have them both, it’s just currently the rules don’t go into enough detail.

    1. You know, Mr. Johnson is a bit of a sadist. So when ‘it’ hits the fan, you never know what is gonna happen. I have tried to think 10 steps ahead of him and anticipate multiple scenarios in which if I were him and what I’d do to mess with my players. He keeps eluding me. And just wait until some of the later episodes roll out. He gets downright EVIL.

      He is NOT the Johnson I thought he was….

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