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  1. Hello, and thanks for this podcast! I’m starting up a Shadowrun campaign in September with 4-5 friends, and we’ve begun preparing for it. I’m slowly making my way through your content, and althought I’m only on episode 005 so far, it’s been very useful.

    I have a few suggestions for future podcast topics, and forgive me if you’ve already covered these in your later shows: I’d like to know more about the differences between the editions of the game (we’re doing 4th, since it’s relatively new and has a ton of literature for it). I’d also like to know more about hacking/decking, particularly in the various editions, because I’ve heard other people complaint that these game elements quickly turned into solo adventures for the party’s decker. I’m a bit nervous about that.
    Finally, any suggestions for a group that’s mostly just done D&D and Dark Herecy (Warhammer 40k)? How do we hit the right atmosphere? What should we be on the lookout for in a system like this?

    Thanks again, from Denmark!

    1. Thanks! It’s great to hear we’ve been of help! We did discuss hacking in 5e in an episode or two – although we may revisit it soon… it seems to be a common request. We may do a piece comparing the editions, but that would require an *awful* lot of research that we, frankly, just don’t have the time for at the moment. Perhaps after the summer. And your last point inspired us to do an “Atmosphere of Shadowrun” episode soon. So thank you for that! There’s a guest we think would be ideal for this episode… If we’re lucky we can convince him to join us. 🙂

      1. Yeah, immediately after I wrote that comment I reached a string of episodes that answered some of my questions.. 😛

    2. Glad you like our playcast, Hurry! So a little background – I started playing Shadowrun way back in 3rd edition as the kid brother in a group of high school friends. We also all were primarily AD&D players and played Shadowrun to mix things up (along with Rifts. Helloooooooooo Juicers!) Back then the Matrix felt like a completely different game, so much so that our GM didn’t run it and none of us spent the time learning it. We were primarily mundane combat with a little MoJo sprinkled in (Most of us came from a more Cyberpunk background and so kinda frowned upon MoJo in this setting).

      Come 4th edition, for what I remember of it, Decking got a complete makeover. Ine., it be came a thing you could do with one GM and not need to read the book 50x over. 5th Ed improved overall and IMHO really cemented the system into something most gamers, especially those from the D20 world, could digest. I’ll admit carrying around 30 D6 seems….weird…but it is a thing you get used to. For a SciFi junkie like me, I’d do anything to play in the setting.

      There I go rambling on. Cheers and thanks for listening!

      1. Hah, well thanks for the reply!
        I’ve done some more research in the betweentime and hacking seems less intimidating than it did at first, although it still has a bit of a mysterious aura about it 🙂

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