Actual Play Episode 001 – Don’t Call it a Milk Run

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You’ve been incredibly patient and the time has now arrived. Introducing The Arcology Actual Play Podcast: Episode 001 (Don’t Call it a Milk Run).

We sincerely hope you like it; we’ve had a blast playing it and have many, many episodes to follow. You may have noticed it bears the “explicit” tag. That’s because players will be players and we aren’t going to hunt down all the exclamations that merit an explicit tag. Instead, we’re just slapping the tag on and advising “listener beware.” Or at least: listeners with sensitive systems, small ears, or easily damaged sensibilities beware.

Enjoy. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 001 – Don’t Call it a Milk Run”

  1. That was so awesome! I cannot wait to find out what happens next! My favorite character so far is that Maverick character. 😉

    1. Personally, I think Maverick has a book in him: “The Gentleman’s Guide to Finding a Good Drink in the Barrens.”

  2. Got a chance to listen to the whole podcast. I can’t wait to show it off to my board game buddies so that have a clue as to ‘what the heck I’m doing every weekend.’ Nice work everyone!!!

  3. Awesome stuff so far. I have a lot of experience in running Pathfinder, so it’s very educational to see how people run Shadowrun.

    1. Hmm.. I’m not sure why that would be. We haven’t found the same on our own download of the episode. And thanks! 🙂

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